Not necessarily! Many times, clients will come to us for a redesign when they actually need a site refresh--just some quick enhancements and improvements that will make a big difference in attracting more traffic, generating higher-quality leads and increasing conversions.

Don't complete a redesign just because your company's employees are tired of the look and feel of your web site. It's also not a good idea to redesign your site because you purchased a new tool or want to implement a new technology. Here's a short list of some good and bad reasons to redesign your web site:

Bad reasons to redesign a site:
  • My boss told me to do so.
  • We're all tired of looking at the same old homepage.
  • Our main competitor has redesigned its site three times in the last five years.
  • Another vendor told us that we really need a prettier design.
Good reasons to redesign a site:
  • The site is not functional.
  • It was built in the 1990s.
  • Customers have told you that they are not buying from you because your site is horrible.
  • Your current platform is outdated, unsupported or has security flaws.
When a site refresh might be a better option for you:
  • You're attracting a lot of traffic, but they're not converting into leads or customers.
  • You don't have a huge budget for a large redesign (although it's important to note that an upfront and ongoing budget is needed for a refresh and ongoing maintenance and marketing)
  • You have a limited team who wants to do the right thing but doesn't have time to focus on a full redesign.
  • You're open to making small changes throughout your existing site to improve your customers' user experience, improve efficiencies for your web or marketing team, and make things easier for sales.
  • You have sales and marketing teams who both need more out of your current web site.
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